To the President of Ukraine,
the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

“Protect the Ice Age Park in the Carpathians from Construction Development”

Svydovets massif in danger

Svydovets massif is one of the most valuable biodiversity centers of the Ukrainian Carpathians with at least 93 species of flora and fauna, which are included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009), more than a hundred plants and animals, endemics and relics, which are regionally rare for Transcarpathia, dozens of rare European habitat types and vegetation communities of the Green Book of Ukraine (2009), fragments of highland virgin forests and with 7 unique glacial lakes and glacial forms of landscape that are unique to Ukraine, which tomorrow may disappear forever. The complex is planned to be built next to the UNESCO World Heritage site as well.

For the sake of doubtful benefit, some business circles are ready to destroy a fragment of the highlands of the Carpathians, causing irreparable damage to the population and nature

Mass construction of the central part of the Svydovets massif with the objects of the ski resort will lead to a significant loss of water resources in the upper part of the Tysa (Tisza, Tisa) River basin, their subsequent pollution and litter, increase avalanche danger, as well as lead to the growing threat of catastrophic floods, which have already caused at least 1.281 billion hryvnia damage for the state since 1998.
Officials are lobbying for the construction of a giant ski resort in the Carpathians, which, according to the announcements, will be able to host 28 thousand visitors simultaneously in 60 hotels, 120 restaurants, 33 ski lifts, 230 km of ski runs, trade centers, banks, an airdrome. Thus, they are supporting the destruction of unique glacial forms of landscape and lakes of the ice age. They also plan to cut more than 850 hectares of forests, including highland fragments of primeval and old-growth forests, the area of which equals to the area of about 600 football stadiums. After such destruction, the unique ecosystems of the Svydovets mountain range will no longer be possible to be restored, and the damage caused to nature and the damage from environmental disasters will far outweigh the value of the resort.

The giant resort is a threat to the development of ecotourism in the region

The new giant resort, together with Bukovel, will cause a decline in green tourism in the region, as it will dominate the region and attract almost all tourists, barely leaving anything for local development. This will lead to the collapse of local communities that are in need of support with infrastructure development rather than the implementation of speculative projects.
We support the initiative of the “Free Svydovets” Group, which opposes the construction of a giant resort, massive deforestation of high-mountain forests and the destruction of glacial landscapes. At the same time, we advocate for the development of sustainable tourism or the creation of small resorts in certain places, where they, according to the environmental impact assessment, will not harm the unique nature.

Only the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine can stop the destruction of Svydovets!

Our asks:

  1. To make a public and transparent discussion process.
  2. To not change the intended use of the land of the Svydovets massif.
  3. To protect Svydovets from the overwhelming construction.
  4. To preserve the ecosystems of the upper part of the Tysa River basin and the highlands of Svydovets, by creating new protected areas.
  5. To strengthen control over forest management.
  6. To promote the development of ecotourism in the local communities and traditional types of economy for the region.

Stop the destruction of the unique nature in the Carpathians – sign a petition to the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine for the preservation of the Ice Age Park on the Svydovets massif.