The woods have been already massively cut down; the plants will soon begin to die; animal unable to survive on bare slopes, will disappear; and the Danube will lose its main tributary – the Tisa River, which originates precisely at the Svydovets.
It is home to at least 93 endangered species of Red Data book of Ukraine (2009) including the European brown bear and the Eurasian lynx. More than half of Ukraine’s glacial lakes are located on the mountain range. The massif provides the hydrological regime of the region and contains the source of the international Tysa river which is a main tributary of the Danube river.

pristine forest landscapes biodiversity hotspot

The planned ski resort would have significant environmental impacts on the ecosystem

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of ski runs
apartment buildings
ski lifts

Transcription of the investigation carried out by the “Schemes” team of Radio
Svoboda broadcast on
28 January 2021

Save the Carpathians –
No Olympic Winter Games in Ukraine!

Trees cannot scream

Trees cannot scream

How unsustainability and illegality are destroying the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Prepared by the “Free Svydovets” Group (Ukraine)
in collaboration with the Bruno Manser Fonds (Switzerland) and the European cooperative “Longo maï”. 2021

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The Svydovets mountain range plays a tremendously important role in preserving thelandscape and biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains. It is here that an enormous ski resort, which is bigger in area than Vyshhorod, Bakhchysarai or Khust, is planned to be built. The consequences of building andoperating such ski resort can be catastrophic for the environment and the local communities.

Open Book

The Svydovets case

Prepared by the Bruno Manser Fonds (Switzerland) in collaboration with the European cooperative “Longo maï” and the “Free Svydovets” Group (Ukraine).